Safety warnings - why?

On every balloon package must be a written saftey warning by the European toy directive andby the EN 71 part 1.


"Warning! Children under 8 years old can suffocate on uninflated or burst balloons. Supervision by responsible adults is essential. Uninflated balloons must be kept out of the reach of children, and burst balloons must be removed without delay. Please retain adress and packeging.


We also recommend following additonal warnings:

Keep away from eyes. Use a pump for inflation (last one is needed by the German law).


Adjults should take the warnings seriously.


Based on our risk assessment as a manufacturer  we classified latex balloons as not suitable for children under 3 years. Children under 3 years are tend to explore everything with the  mouth and a supervision by seconds is always unrealistically.  The breach of duty of supervision could cause a fatal injury. Small pieces of balloons can be breathed, close the air tube and cause danger of suffocation.


By the right handling ballons are a wonderful and safe toy.