Phthalates on toys and balloons

Phthalates, what  a tonque twister. However phtalates are carcinogenic, can damage the genetic material and fertility.

Phtalates can be solved away from products by persipiration and saliva.

Pthalates came into the headlines in the last few years bacause of cheap plastic toys from Asia. Pthalates are used as a softerner for products made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride)  to increse the elasticity.


The European Union  issued in 2005 the directive 2005/84/EG for phtalates. According to this directive following phtalates are not allowed to be in toys with more than 0,1 % :

  • DEHP

  • DBP


Toys which will be taken  in the mouth the concentation of following phtalates have to be lower than 0,1

  • DINP

  • DIDP


Phtalates are not used for the manufacturing of balloons because balloons are made from natural rubber latex not from PVC. Natural rubber is already a soft elastic product. The combination of natural rubber latex and phtalates is technically nearly impossible from the chemical side.