PAH in balloons ?

Very often we get the question if our balloons content PAH ? The clear answer is : no !

But what are PAH ?

PAH are polycyclic aromatic hydrcarbons which are harmful and carcinogenic.Often PAH can be identified by their unpleasant smell (like car wires) .

The main soruce of PAH in products is the using of cheap an contaminated tar oils or carbon black as a black pigment . But also the usage of insecticides in factories (common in Asian companies) can cause a temporary contamination of products with PAH (for example napthaline).

The European Union defined in the directive 1273/2013 limits in toys for following substances:


Benzo[a]pyren, Benzo[e]pyren, Benzo[a]anthracen, Chrysen, Benzo[b]fluoranthen, Benzo[j]fluoranthen, Benzo[k]fluoranthen und Dibenzo[a,h]anthracen.


The limit for toys for each of these substances is 0,05 mg/Kg. The Limits come into effect on the 27.12.2015. PAH are technically avoidable and should not be in balloons.