Save the Nature

Our manufacturer responsibility for balloons


latex balloons are made of natural rubber latex, the tree sap of the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis. The natural polymer of the natural rubber is not modified during the manufacturing process, but remains in its naturally occurring structure. This is why latex balloons are a natural product whose biodegradability is comparable to the degradation of an oak leaf. The biological degradation of Latex balloons does not produce any dangerous microplastics as is the case with conventional plastic articles. Every year only about 5 kg of balloons are found on all European beaches in the total sum. However, we take our responsibility very seriously and as a manufacturer we strongly oppose balloon releases in order to avoid a short-term contamination of our nature with this natural product.


Foil balloons are made of various conventional plastics and should therefore not be disposed of carelessly in the environment. Foil balloons should always be secured to a balloon weight to avoid accidental releases into the environment. Our foil balloons are equipped with a self closing automatic valve that enable the balloon to be reused several times.


Look out for the new symbol on our packaging, "Don ’ let go"