We manufacture your private label

You are thinking about your own balloon private label or looking for a new supplier for your existing balloon label ?


In adddion to own quality brand "Karaloon" we already produce items for reputable private labels worldwide.

Our service includes the extensive consulting regarding selection of items, product safety and reporting. Balloons are a toy and have to fufill a lot of requirements by European and national laws.


For your retail line you need a wide range of different balloons. We manufacture over 36 different balloon shapes in 60 different colours. So you would get all item from one Hand without any additional purchases from other sources. We can guarantee a high level of product safety because all our balloons are certified by SGS/TÜV Saar as hazardous substances tested and are subjected to a permanent and voluntary monitoring.


With modern production and packing facilities in Europe we are able to deliver very quick without long lead times like from Far East or overseas. So you are able to reduce your warehouse costs.


Please contact us for more information.


Dipl.-Ing. Katrin Gille

Technische Geschäftsführerin